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Jul 10, 2020 | Country Life

July is a perfect month for fresh salsa. I made this recipe for a July 4th cook-out. Whether you grow your own garden or have a farmers market nearby, you’re most likely able to find the fresh ingredients to make a delicious combination. Now you won’t find a pineapple in your garden, but they are found in every market and seem to be inexpensive during this time of year. What makes this recipe great is that with a grill or cast iron skillet and a Thermomix, it’s incredible tasty, not too spicy hot and unusual due to grilling the ingredients.

I used a cast iron skillet to char my pineapple, onions, jalapeños and green peppers. Once you have them charred, you are able to throw them into the pot of the Thermomix, add tomato, spices and with a quick chop you’re ready to pour it into a bowl and serve with fresh warm tortilla chips.

You can find this recipe on the Cookidoo recipe platform on the Thermomix.

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