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Sep 12, 2020 | Airstream Life

At a Harvest Host Winery in Maryland
In about 5 years of travel camping I’ve had to stay in at least 5 parking lots overnight. Ranging from Walmart to Cabela’s. For me it’s usually because I’m tired and desperate to sleep right at that moment. I just couldn’t go another mile to find a campsite. But now, I pulled the trigger on a new adventure for myself, I became a Harvest Host member. And since October 10th, it has already paid for itself.
The historic town near the Pokomoke River and Snow Hill was a perfect retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Ocean City, MD. There were even hiking trails that are in excellent shape to hike. The dogs and I both felt great after a hike and sleeping in a completely quiet space.
The second and third Harvest Hosts were both different. One an Orchard and the other a winery. Both owners were equally as friendly and I had a great time learning about their farms. The orchard located in Federalsburg owned by the Blades family has easy parking off a main road. It reminded me of the old time pull-off picnic and rest areas you’d see in the 60’s and 70’s. I liked it so much that I stayed 2 nights.
Blades offers pumpkins, apples, hard cider, cider and fresh baked cider donuts. The donuts were made the night before from scratch by the owner. I hate to say, but I ate all 4 myself. The apples I purchased were a type I had never heard of before and were honestly the best Apple I’d ever eaten. I need to learn the name! If you are looking for a laid back place to stop or camp on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not far from Delaware, Blades Orchards is where to go!
The winery is not far from the orchard and in a little tiny town near the Black Water Refuge. The property has great vibes and the vines are well taken care of. On Saturday the winery was really busy with a bridal shower and a tour bus from DC. And so I waited until Sunday for tasting. Their wine was unique and I ended up buying 2 bottles at about $20 each. Supporting the local businesses is always important to me and it was well worth the stop.
I give the this weekend 4 Shiny Silver Airstream out of 4. My nomad camping experience was top notch.

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