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Jul 27, 2020 | Airstream Life

3:15am – August 19, 2019

It happened. It finally happened.

We fell asleep to the waves crashing onto the beach. Gretchen slept under the bed and Kaiser was next to me as usual. At about 3:00am I heard deep snores. Kaiser was alerted. I told him it was just Gretchen snoring. Then it continued.

I realized that it wasn’t Gretchen. What I heard was coming from outside. I grabbed my glasses and sat up to see outside. The full-moon was so bright I could clearly see something moving about 3 bus lengths from us to the back of the Airstream. I left all of my shades up just so I could see out easily. And there it was….A magical wild horse of Assateague Island. I scrambled to the back of the trailer to watch it. I could see it switching it’s tail. It looked as if it was gliding past and then in a split second it began to walk between my trailer and the massive A-Class motor home to the east.

It wasted no time….and then pausing at my street side front window and nayed. I was shocked that it was only about 5’ from us. Kaiser had no idea what was happening. Luckily no barking ensued. Gretchen was asleep under the bed thankfully also.
My excitement followed the horse from one side to the other. The glow of his white hair made his silhouette easy to see. He paused again about 3 foot from my door and I just sat staring with a smile on my face. I just couldn’t believe this was happening. And just like that….he walked with ease into the next dunes and vanished from my sight.

I came to this island in hopes to see the wild horses. It has been a bucket list trip for me. I dreamed of waking up in the morning to them. But never did I imagine that I’d have a 3am visitor so beautiful. My heart is full with gratitude & peacefulness.

Pic: I tried to get a picture….at first. Then I put down my phone to live in the moment.

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