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Charcuterie Boards and Covid

Oct 19, 2020 | Airstream Life, Country Life

One of the hottest trends over the past year has been the Charcuterie Board or Platter.  The mix of different cheeses, meats, nuts, berries, fruits, dips or spreads with crackers seems to be always the perfect solution for so many occasions.  The week of my Birthday, I had planned to meet some friends at a restaurant.  But, because of Covid, I decided that it would be best for us to meet up in an open-air setting with some wine and a Charcuterie Plate.

It was a lot of fun to plan, buy for and assemble.  First, I asked my niece where the best place to pick up specialty cheeses were.  Here in Michigan, the Kroger in Brighton was the best choice.  My niece, who entertains a lot suggested merlot cheese, a brie and a cheddar.  And sure enough, I stepped up to the cheese counter and the women working there knew exactly what to purchase.  She suggested the Merlot BellaVitano, Triple Cream Brie and Horseradish Cheddar.  They were all so tasty.  The Merlot was a little sharp, brie was melt in your mouth like butter and the cheddar tasted like mild horseradish with a smooth cheese.  I was really happy with the purchase.

The Cheese Lady suggested some salami and sea salt crackers, dotted with a fig jelly.  Along with this, I decided to pick up a few Michigan apples and make a quick Chocolate Bourbon Caramel Sauce.  Yes, this does sound work intensive.  But, I have my Thermomix, that creates the chocolate sauce in under 1 hour.  And best of all the cleaning-up process is easy!

I used the smooth Buffalo Trace Bourbon in the sauce and used 1 ounce more bourbon 1 ounce less water for a bit stronger taste. This sauce can be used to dip pretzels, fruit or as a drizzle on ice cream or cake.  It also makes for a great gift when put into Mason Jars.  I’ll attach the Cookidoo ingredients below for the Thermomix appliance.

Assembly was a lot of fun and I loved that I could be creative.  I started with smaller wooden bowls that I had found at TJ Maxx and my oblong white platter from Pottery Barn.  The platter has been in my life for about 8 years and it is truly a staple and classic piece to have in the kitchen.  I set the small “pinch” bowls on the platter first and began to place the cheese and meat.  I used fresh sage leaves and flowers from my garden to top it off and to help give the platter some depth and texture.  Being creative and thinking outside of the traditional cheese plate makes for an interesting and delicious treat.

The evening was amazing, as we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year due to the stay at home orders.  Some wine, yummies and great conversation was just what our doctor had ordered.  We all need that human connection, more now than ever.


XO- Lindy

Chocolate Bourbon Caramel Sauce

Easy, 5 min prep, 40 minutes total, 8 jars

10 oz  Sugar
46 oz Water
1tsp Fresh lemon juice, squeezed
24 oz Semi-sweet chocolate chunks, or morsels
3 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
2 oz Vinegar

Preparation is in the Thermomix appliance, if you are interested in a virtual demonstration, please contact me at email:

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