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Aug 16, 2020 | Airstream Life

On October 9, 2019, I sat in a campsite surrounded with sand dunes in a Nor’easter storm. Someone asked me if it was “Poor planning or a case of I had nowhere else to go”….sure, I had other places to go. But, I wouldn’t consider it “Poor Planning”. As the wind whistled at 20-40 mph through my Airstream and the salty spray kept building up on her shiny skin I realized that THIS was an adventure. This IS what I wanted! There was no place I’d rather be.

Yes, I had no electric, water or sewer hook-up. But, my newly refurbed batteries and systems were working well. Although, I couldn’t use my Instapot like I had hoped, I have found a solution which I’ll share with you in a future post. I’m thankful to have become friends with an amazing RV Tech who cares about his work and he couldn’t have made this girl happier and safer. For 4 days the wind and rain continues and on the day that I was leaving the Island of Wild Horses, the sun came out. All I knew what that this place felt like home to me, whether it was 90 and sunny like in August 2019 or the blustery Nor’easter cold rain of October 2019.

That day I wrote a post on Airstream Addicts. A group that when I joined them was at 2K members and today is over 41K members. Over the years from the get go I became friends with many who are active in the Airstream community and have met them on the road or welcomed them into my own stick and brick home. The core Airstream Addicts are an amazing group and the newbies are always adding new material daily. On this particular day, I posted about my journey with my 1965 Safari. And the response I received was just absolutely overwhelming.

Over 1.1K post likes and 400 comments. Thank you for all of your kind words is all I could think! And because of that post….I decided to pull the plug and write my first post on this blog. I have had blogs in the past over the past 14 years. But, when I was dealing with my parent, family members and friends deaths….I decided I needed to step away from my story telling. Today, I’m back and I’m ready to share with you my journeys, experiences and knowledge about my Airstream Lifestyle, passion and what it’s like to be a SOLO Woman traveler. I’m ready to go back to my roots of teaching, motivational speaking and writing and purveying courageous wanderlust to all who dream of living life on their own terms.

Well…Reminiscing over here…at 44 I was diagnosed with RA/Lupus/Fibromyalgia. At 45 I bought Mitten Kitten as a gift to myself. Knowing I would not lay down and let those diseases disable me. They sometimes slow me down… but my Airstream, teaching paddle boarding/yoga, my curiosity to explore and dachshunds keep me going. It’s having courageous-wanderlust that gives me joy.

Today I turn 52. My siblings try not to judge my lifestyle although being the baby of the family, I know they worry. My parents had learned to accept the adventure side of me and never held me back. I’ve tried to settle in one place…it’s just not for me. Maybe if i truly found someone special I would…but with the condition I’d always have my trailer. Coming to terms that there isn’t anything wrong with me because I have not settled down has been freeing.

So…today here I am. This is what my 52 looks like. Boondocking in a Nor’easter with my 1965 Safari and I couldn’t be more happy and at peace. All i can really say is thanks Wally Byam for creating Airstream! Best gift ever! #courageouswanderlust #liferiveted #Myairstreamgirllife

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