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Helping Women Live Their Passion

Lindy’s curiosity has always been a driving force when it comes to living life. Always wondering what’s around the next corner. Traveling became second nature at a very young age and she consistently has traveled the USA over the past 35 plus years.  

Not only does she teach science, geography, yoga and mindset conditioning, she has become an advocate for healthy lifestyle and wellness for chronic illness warriors.  She has been written about in several health and sports magazines and has published her own work.  Living at least 9 months a year in her 1965 Airstream, she is also the Founder of “Solo Streaming Sisters” Airstream group, where she offers support, inspiration and more.

As a multi-passionate woman Lindy has become known as a Mindset Teacher who crafts plans to help others find a path to passion.  She lives by example and builds deep repoires with her clients teaching what it takes for them to persue their dreams.

Life & Travelogue

Follow Lindy’s blog as she shares with you the ins and outs traveling and aging with grace.

Airstreams offer a unique travel experience, but no matter what your mode for camping or traveling solo, Lindy has advice for you.

Treating the whole body and soul thru holistic and wellness activities benefits yourself and those around you.

If Lindy isn’t traveling, she is at her country home in mid-Michigan with her two dachshunds. 


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